Sunday, December 24, 2006

Are inflatables acceptable?

I guess the question reallty is: are they tacky? Personally, I think they're pretty awesome. But that's just my opinion. Everything within reason though - like if I had a really small front lawn upon which the inflatable would be overflowing, then obviously it's not meant for me to have one. C'mon, are they not cute? I feel like a lot of people have lost their christmas spirit. myself included. As we get older, we seem to forget the pleasure we had running down the stairs christmas morning to open our gifts. These days it seems like we just struggle to get in that extra few minutes of sleep on Christmas day. I drive up and down the blocks of my neighborhood and see darkness during the holiday season. The most you see is a wreath, maybe a string of lights, a white wooden raindeer... where has the holiday spirit gone? do we really out grow Christmas? i hope not. christmas music is the only thing that seems to keep the spirit up, but these days, all you hear are complaints about how the radio plays christmas music so early - even going as far as to start before thanksgiving. God forbid... jeez.

come on people. i'm not the most positive and optimistic person in the world, but gosh darnit, show some holiday cheer. We've got years full of stress and other problems, why can't we just take this time of the year and make it the best darn time? i'll admit, maybe the inflatables are a little too much - overcompensation for the lack of spirit in the air. but, hey, i'm trying, and so should you, cuz if we're not happy now, then when will we ever be?

tonight's the eve of Christmas, and whatever you're doing - try to be happy. Accept your circumstances and appreciate the people around you. Christmas comes but once a year. it's not about the presents, it's not about the decorations, it's about the time you are given - so make the most of it. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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