Sunday, December 17, 2006

Failed writer

This is my first post. The reasons I've started writing this are pretty much because 1) I'm bored and 2) I'm a failure at everything I do - this is equivalent to a white flag to my once grandiose idea of writing a book.

Lesson #1: I don't want sympathy. Sympathy makes my life seem even more pathetic.

Lesson #2: I am pathetic. Anything bearing any resemblence to being categorized as good in my life, I always manage to allow it to unravel right before my eyes. Sad, but true, yet that brings us right back to lesson #1.

This is just an introduction, so obviously I will not get into any details now. But be forewarned: this is going to be something unpredictable. My posts will be of many different categories - some true, some not so true; some humorous, others quite serious. If I get you to the point where you can actually differentiate each post and understand my life, then you will have gotten to know me better than I know myself. You will laugh, you will cry; you will be elated, you will be angry; you will like me, you will hate me. regardless: you will have a reaction. i won't.

Lesson #3: I am unemotional.

Welcome to the beginning of nothing...

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