Saturday, December 23, 2006

Not the Best-est Buy...

I did something bad. I yelled at a lady. The worst part about it is I think I yelled at her because of stress. Frankly, I’m tired of putting up with people. I know I’m a pushover, but now people are abusing it. Work and social life - people are sending me over the edge.

A few weeks ago I was told that I shouldn’t have to put up with a lot of the things I put up with. A lot of people tell me that, but I don’t listen. I hate conflict. Anyways, I finally listened.

We went to Best Buy last night and waited patiently on line to pay. After being told to go to counter 11, we proceeded to stand in front of the respective cashier. Suddenly, a lady shoves her way in front of us and puts her cr@p on the counter. I kinda feltmyself gettin p*ssed, but I let my dad and brother take care of it, as usual. Normally, when someone’s a jerk, they have enough rage to take care of it for me -I just blend into the background hoping violence won’t take place. The lady turned around and looked my brother in the face and goes “calm down!” who the h*ll is she to tell my brother what to do? And don’t tell him to calm down when you’re the one pushing his buttons. Freakin b*tch - “Don’t tell him to calm down - you calm down. get back in line.” And so the following:

B*tch [after a look of shock]: “that lady told me to go to 12 but there’s someone still paying there, so I deserve to be next”
Me: “we were told to be at 11, we’re next. That’s not our problem”
B*tch: “why should I have to wait?”
Me: “Why should we have to wait b/c of you?”
B*tch: “I was next on line”
Me: “yea, over there. We’re paying – move.”
B*tch/: “no, it’s my turn”
Me: “we’re not going to wait because of you – we’ve been waiting for our turn and now we’re paying here!”
[at this point the cashiers are just looking]
B*tch: “I go first”
Me [trying real hard not to curse]: “no, you go back to the lady and ask her what register you should go to or you wait your turn at 12.”
B*tch: “no, I go here because I was next”
Me: "that's not right - get back over there"

At this point 12 is done and tells my brother to bring the stuff over there. So we go over there and pay. The b*tch stays at 11 and proceeds to have issues upon where she sends her son back to get something. We finish and have to walk past 11 to the exit. She gives us a dirty look and so I turn back and look her in the face and say “don’t give me that look. F*ck you, b*tch” Not gonna lie. I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to hurt her real bad. Just punch her. I’ve never had that feeling in my life. Not even a single time during the 9 years of karate I took.

So what is the lesson we take away from this? 1) don't go Christmas shopping. 2) there are plenty of idiots in this world. 3) Self-control is crucial.

btw - this was written at around 7pm on the way home from work today, yea, that's right the friday before christmas weekend. this would've been written earlier, but apparently nexus and solicitation laws were more important...

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