Monday, December 25, 2006


the day we wait all year for... well, at least the day i wait all year for, has arrived. can't write much, but I must say, today's the day i forget about everything else - live for the moment. today is Christmas. go out an enjoy it b/c it comes but once a year...

i don't care how tired you are of Christmas music:

"...let's join together, we can watch the snow fall forever and ever, eat, drink and be merry, come along with me...take care in all you do next year and keep smiling through the days - if we can help to entertain you, oh we will find the ways. so merry Christmas one and all, there's no place I'd rather be than asking you if you'd oblige stepping into Christmas with me..." - Elton John

"...i feel like runnin' wild as eaches and a little child... let's deck the halls with holly, sing sweet silent night...go to sleep and wake up just before daylight...that's what Christmas means to me..." - Stevie Wonder

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