Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here's my resolution...

...i'm letting go... haha - nick lachey reference. pathetic - this is what my life has become.

so as i sit around waiting for my two-faced ex-senior twit to finish w/ her lover, let's reflect. as a new year approaches, i realized that i never really ever made a serious resolution. i always joked around, said stuff, but never followed through. well, this year i have but one resolution that i really need to follow through w/:

This year I will treat people the way they should be treated.


continued on the 29th as follows:

so i got cut off yesterday, but yes, the new year is rapidly approaching. this year has had its fair share of ups and downs and go arounds, but the same goes for any year. looking back, i feel like i've been pretty bad. i hafta start being more of a mirror - be nice to ppl who are nice to me, and don't be so nice to ppl who are not nice to me. I can't be walked all over n e more and I can't walk all over other ppl n e more.

Life isn't fair. we all know that. as much as I like to believe that eventually good deads will be repaid, it's not true. The problem is: too many of us have come to realize that, and instead of correcting the problem, we fall victim to the belief that if other ppl can treat us unfairly, then we have the right to do that too. I beg to differ- hence, the resolution. What goes around comes around. Karma has given me a few swift kicks in the@$$, and it had every right to. but, no more. i'm going to learn to appreciate the people who are actually out there and care.

here's to another year...

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