Wednesday, December 27, 2006


so yesterday night was an exciting night. after an adventurous dinner, yesterday night was when i decided that since our lives had hit a brand new low regarding new year's eve, next year will be different.

with the help of a buddy who shall remain anonymous, we have planned the greatest new year's eve bash ever. yup, this is the announcement of the big NYE08. this, of course, will not be happening on long island, but rather my fabulous NYC penthouse w/ a giant projection screen to watch the ball drop. the invitation process is highly selective (i don't do large groups) - we are already starting to consider the potential guest list, so if you're interested please let me know. For those of you not on the list, there will a limited number of openings on folding chairs available for $5 - $10. Tables will not be available, but you should definitely reserve the chairs. Currently on debate is whether to offer a beverage w/ a folding-chair reservation. Party hats will be provided by "buddy" and we're leaning towards sushi for eats, among other junk food of course. w/ the massive amounts of space i have - i will sympathize with those exiled to long island and give them first pickins for sleep areas.
this post will be continuously edited. please feel free to make any suggestions...though i might not take them into consideration.

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